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Pretreatment is a heart of processing of textile. In Pretreatment, all these impurities are removed and fabric is brought to a stage where it is more absorbent and white and can be easily processed further.  The process which is done to make the textile materials suitable for dyeing and printing.
chem p.o.k

Residual Hydrogen per oxide killer enzyme.


chemzyme TM (Plus)

Desizer, bacterial amylase for removal of starch.


Chemzyme Rapid-1200

Rapid Desizer for continuous process without batching time.


Chem Wet (Conc.)

Wetting agent for pretreatment,APEO/NPEO free.

(Liquid) (Non-ionic)

Chemtech W55

Wetting agent high alkaline table,APEO/NPEO free.

(Paste) (A/N)

Chemcid NE

Organic acid pH buffer for neutralization.


Chemstab GAL

Stabilizer for H2O2 bleaching process.

(Liquid) (An-ionic)


Dyeing is the application of dyes or pigments on textile materials such as fibers, yarns, and fabrics with the objective of achieving color with desired fastness. Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material.

Chem De-foam

Silicone based anti foaming agent.

(Liquid) (Non-Ionic)

Chem Migrate-1000 (ZDHC)

Antimigrating agent for continuous dyeing.

(Liquid) (An-Ionic)

Chemmol BL

Dispersing agent for vat,disperse & pigment dyeing.

(Liquid) (An-Ionic)

Chem Clean SR-50 (ZDHC)

Dispersing,chelating,wash-off for reactive & vat dyeing.

(Liquid) (An-Inonic)

Chemfix LF-Conc

Fixing agent for reactive dyeing (Formaldehyde base).

(Liquid) (Cationic)

Chemfix FF-Conc

Fixing agent for reactive dyeing (Formaldehyde-Free).

(Liquid) (Cationic)


In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to the processes that convert the woven or knitted cloth into a usable material and more specifically to any process performed after dyeing the yarn or fabric to improve the look, performance, or “hand” of the finish textile or clothing.

Chemsoft T

Fatty acid & Silicone based softner for all types of fibres.

(Liquid) (Mild cationic)

Chemsoft STQ

Fatty acid & Silicone based softner specially for Towel.

(Liquid) (Cationic)

Chemsil SIM

Hydrophilic micro silicone softener for all types of fibres.

(Liquid) (Mild Cationic)


Micro Silicone for all type of fabrics.

(Paste) (non-ionic)

Chemsil ME

Micro Silicone for all type of fabrics.

(Liquid) (Mild Cationic)

Chemsil ME-450

Micro Silicone for all type of fabrics.

(Liquid) (Mild Cationic)

Chemnce Soft WE (Conc.) (ZDHC)

Finishing and weight increasing agent.

(Liquid) (non-ionic)

Chemguard BWR-FR

Durable water repellant (fluorocarbon base,C8)

(Liquid) (cat-ionic)


Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck.  The most common denim is indigo denim, in which the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white.

Chemzyme BP

Neutral bio polishing enzyme.


Chem PP Booster

Pinky Accelerator /Booster.


Chemzyme AC

Acid cellulase, bio polishing enzyme.


Chemkol ABS

Anti back staining.


Chemzyme NE (Powder)

Neutral abrasion enzyme for denim effects.


Chem Dcol TEX

Neutralizer for KMnO4 spray treatment.



Sizing agent for denim warp yarns.


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